Self Titled

by The Anti-Bodies

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10/31 03:02
The moon is full on this autumn night, I feel so right There’s evil coursing through my veins, got murder on my mind You’re such a beautiful girl, you lead a precious life Last thing you’ll ever get to see is my butcher knife And I can still hear your screams Your cold corpse comforts me I’ll never forget our anniversary Every year on Halloween Go! Hope you had fun on 10/31 You’ll always be the dead girl of my dreams
Penitentiary 02:49
That girl, she stole my heart Broke it in two, yeah tore it apart Then she ran off with my friend After I caught them both in my bed I tried to go to therapy It did no good, I went on a killing spree They locked me up... In a penitentiary Let’s go! Now the years go by so slowly, in this place that I now call my home And I know that I’ll never get out, I’ll rot here in this cell all alone 1234!
Camp Blood 02:05
Is he a man or a monster? Did he rise from the grave? There’s a killer on the loose now baby Over at Camp Crystal Lake Hockey mask, machete in hand No remorse or sympathy No one’s safe on this Friday night Don’tcha know it’s the 13th? It’s no fun- everybody run It’s no fun- dead bodies in the mud It’s no fun- it’s only just begun It’s no fun- long night at Camp Blood
Forever Undead (free) 02:57
This is a love song, not like the ones your parents tell It’s a different take on a honeymoon from hell We said, “I do” your skin was a lovely shade of blue The smell of rotting flesh and perfume Even though you may have no soul And might try to scoop the brains from my head We’re together forever undead It was two days to the wedding when we heard the news “The dead come back to life” Close the shades and lock the door, we didn’t know what to do We just tried to survive We swore we’d never leave each other The door gave way, I ran for cover Out the window, down the ledge I left behind my zombie lover I will always love you I found you chasing pigeons in the park Threw you in my trunk under the cover of dark I said my vows and you moaned something too In the state of California, it’s good enough to mean, “I do” I tied you up to the bedposts in our room A little foreplay for a kinky afternoon I stole a kiss and felt a tingle deep inside When you gave me your love bite
Mr. Hyde 01:52
Run into the night He’ll give you a fright He’ll take your life He’s Mr. Hyde! I’m fighting for my life, darkness turns to light I need an antidote to make things right Compiling chemistry to combat this curse I bestow this madness on my unfulfilled thirst It’s out of control Please bring my unhappy life to an end I have no soul I’m beyond the pale, one of the living dead
Look up to the sky, there’s saucers all around Little green men have landed, they’re takin’ over now Their phasers set to kill, this is the end for us We’ve lived so wrong for far too long, soon mankind will turn to dust It’s Earth vs Mars- baby we don’t stand a chance Earth vs Mars- they’re so much more advanced Earth vs Mars- baby we’re all gonna die Earth vs Mars- you can kiss your ass goodbye It’s Earth vs Mars...
Saw something on the news tonight Thought it was a joke, I knew this couldn’t be right I hit mute ‘cause I thought I heard screams Put down my doritos and shot to my feet Opened the curtains, took a look outside Then I stopped to stare, I couldn’t believe my eyes Now the dead are rising from their graves Just like all of those horror movies Now they’re feasting on human brains I don’t get how the fuck this could be It’s a zombie invasion- a blood bath tonight It’s a zombie invasion- so pray for your life Go! I got my shot gun, I got my torch I think I hear some moaning outside my back porch I know they’re gonna find a way inside Wonder if I’ll make it through this night alive A shot of whiskey and I’m good to go Time to take on these zombie assholes
Elm Street 02:36
Nancy Thompson, what can we do? The kids on Elm Street, they’re all fuckin’ screwed This child murderer, he’s lurkin’ in our heads And if we fall asleep, we won’t wake up again Mom and dad, what have you done? Freddy’s back and he’s lookin’ for fun On Elm Street- don’t you close your eyes On Elm Street- unless you wanna die On Elm Street- don’t you close your eyes On Elm Street- and I don’t wanna die tonight Hey! Tina’s been torn to shreds, it shocked the neighborhood Glen was sucked into his bed and now he’s gone for good Rod was found dead hanging by his sheets in his cell There’s gotta be a way to send Freddy back to hell I don’t wanna die!
I used to think I’d miss you, I used to think I’d care I’m so happy when I look around and you’re not anywhere I know if we were going out, I would’ve flipped my lid I’m so glad that you went away around the time you did So many nights I’d just lie awake in my bed Love turned to hate, I feel great, so long to you and all your friends I won’t be missing you The stupid fucked up things you do I won’t be missing you I think I’d rather sniff some glue See you in hell.... (P.S. fuck you!)
Howl (free) 03:41
There’s a full moon out tonight as I look into the sky My skin grows tight, my heart wants to explode Through the pounding in my head, the world turns a shade of red A hunger without end begins to grow Howl in the moonlight I’m coming for your life Howl into the night Put a silver bullet through this heart of mine There’s a fresh scent in the air and my prey is unaware That death is here just outside the light Three screams around the fire as I leap in with desire They all fall to my nocturnal bite And I can’t come back From the darkness that beats inside of my heart And I can’t come back The moon is my mistress calling from the dark I’ll never know the touch of human flesh Without eating it unrelentingly No friends or family, no kids or wife I’ll be forever lonely So load that fatal shell and save me from this hell
1234! The skies been gray since you went away You got me feelin’ oh so blue Broken hearted out in the pouring rain How can love be so cruel? And now I know I must be movin’ on I tell myself to be strong Each night I pray to the skies above To send me my one true love Where’s my baby? Where can she be? Where’s my baby? My teenage queen Where’s my baby? Will I ever find the one for me? On my knees, lord I’m begging you please Don’t let me live this life alone I’ll spend my days searching for that girl So I can have a love to call my own Doo-wop-shoo-wop Doo-wop-shoo-wop Baby


released March 10, 2017

Recorded at Watchmen Studios

Art- Dylan Vanord

Released on Outloud! Records


all rights reserved



The Anti-Bodies Buffalo, New York

We play punk rock songs about life, love, the undead, beings from outerspace and secret laboratory experiments gone wrong.

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